Don't Lose Heart...Instead Make Art.

Don't Lose Heart...Instead Make Art

by Nichole Deakins

I’m busy.  How about you? Can we be honest? Life is full. Filled with commitments we choose to make, responsibilities at work, involvement in our kids' lives, and with lots of ordinary, mundane tasks that seem insignificant but need to be done. Some days or even seasons can be overwhelming at times.  My good friend informed me that the Japanese character for “busy” means “losing heart”. That makes sense to me because when I’m in my busiest moments, it’s easy to lose my motivation and passion in whatever I am doing.

In one of those busy moments, I took a walk in the morning to clear my mind. The tasks of the day were weighing heavy on me. As I purposely took in the sights and sounds around me, I began to notice things. Several birds were singing together in a choir-like fashion, perhaps praising God for the new day.  One bird had a stick in its mouth, already making preparations for its family. I could relate. But when I looked toward the sunrise, something caught my attention - glittering flashes of light. I would have missed it if I hadn’t been intentional about my surroundings. How were these sparkles suspended in air?  The sun was in my eyes, but as I tilted my head slightly, I could see an ornate, intricately designed web. What was once camouflaged by the scenery behind it was now exposed by the dew reflecting the morning sun.

The spider’s handiwork stopped me in my tracks as I was drawn to examine the intricate details of its masterpiece. Spider webs which I normally wipe away and consider a nuisance, God wanted me to see it for what it really was. This busy spider’s hard work the night before opened my eyes to our God-given ability to produce art in the midst of our everyday responsibilities and busyness.

We often shame ourselves for being busy, apologizing to others. Can we all just agree life is busy and stop being a victim about it? Stop complaining that life won’t slow down, and stop using it as an excuse. Yes, our days are full of things we choose to do and things we have to do. We will have busy days, full weeks, and even busy seasons that can’t be simplified.  But instead of losing heart in the midst of our busyness, let’s identify the season and embrace it (maybe even enjoy it!), knowing that God can potentially turn our busywork into an incredible artwork. And perhaps - at just the right angle - the reflection of Light might catch the eye of an onlooker passing by.

Whatever work you do, do it with all your heart.
Do it for the Lord and not for men.
Colossians 3:23

Don’t lose heart when life brings many things your way. Instead make art!