His Banner Is Love

by Whitney Miller

“Am I a well or a wedding band?“

This was the question the Lord asked me as I dreamed one night. Though seemingly straightforward, this simple question has become infinitely richer upon further contemplation. It has corrected several of my misconceived notions about God and revealed deeper layers of His character and love. A few weeks ago, I described God as our well, the source to which we can always come in our hour of need without fear of being turned away. This week, I'll describe Him as our wedding band.

A wedding band is a symbol that speaks of the most important and intimate relationship two human beings can experience. When we commit ourselves to someone in marriage, the commitment is meant to last a lifetime. “For better or for worse; for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, so long as we both shall live.” By these words or others similar, we covenant ourselves to a singular relationship and begin to walk together through life.

Every bride is delighted and exhilarated by the affections of her husband. His eyes are only for her. His heart burns for her. He longs to know her intimately. He pledges himself to provide for and protect her. He wants the world to know that she belongs to him! As they continue in their relationship, their souls are intertwined with one another and they become increasingly dependent upon one another for life and happiness.

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul says:

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. Ephesians 5:31-32 (ESV)

The Bible communicates potent truths about Jesus and His love for us by calling Him our Bridegroom and us His bride. Jesus’ love for us is passionate. It is exclusive. He pledges Himself to protect and provide for us. When we are broken and crushed in spirit, Jesus comes to comfort us as only He can. Whatever season we are in, the love of Jesus Christ remains. He is there to sustain, refresh and delight us, and to continually capture our hearts by His unflagging adoration and love. In dark or difficult times, Jesus our Bridegroom is also our help and comfort, our protector and champion. We need not worry in such times. In fact, through the power of our covenant relationship, we are invited to come up out of wilderness times leaning on our Beloved (Song of Solomon 8:5).

It goes without saying, but as His bride, we are not meant to just know about Jesus, but to know Him personally, intimately, and passionately. As in any relationship, intimacy doesn’t just happen; it must be cultivated through communication, dedication, and shared experience. In Song of Solomon 2, Jesus our Beloved beckons each of us to arise. He calls us darling and beautiful one. He invites us to come away with Him to a place where we can experience Him right now, right where we are. Prayer, Bible study and meditation on the Word, intimate worship, and journaling are some of the many ways we can open up lines of communication with our Beloved. His way of meeting with us will be as unique as we are. May we each seek Him and discover the way He wants to meet with us. May we talk with Jesus throughout our day, asking Him questions and waiting for His answers. As we become increasingly aware of His presence, guidance and love, we’ll find that our passion for Him begins to grow. What may begin as a discipline becomes a delight as He envelops us in His love and ravishes our hearts.

So the answer to the question posed by God, “Am I a well or a wedding band?” is: Yes! Jesus wants to be both, and so much more. Jesus came and gave His life, not just to save us, but to have an intimate relationship with each of us! He came to find a bride for Himself, and He is coming back to bring her into His heavenly home to live forever. We don’t know exactly when that moment will be, but we can enjoy our covenant relationship with Him right now. In Christ we find satisfaction of every legitimate desire of the human heart.

Won’t you seek your Bridegroom today, believing in His unrelenting love for you, asking Him to open you up to experience all that He is and has for you? The One who loved you enough to give His own life could hardly refuse!