The Well

By Whitney Miller

“Are you a well or a wedding band? “

I woke up in the morning after a full night of vivid dreams. Though the events of the dreams were still fresh in my mind and seemed full of significance, this one question stood head and shoulders above it all. I knew the moment I heard the words that it was God Himself speaking to me and as a result of the utmost importance.

“Are you a well or a wedding band? “

At first I thought God was asking me if I most resembled a well or a wedding band, but after some thought I realized He was asking me how I saw Him. What is He to me: a well or a wedding band? In my mind a well is a resource, someplace we can go when we have a need. A wedding band speaks of covenant relationship, a connection that transcends need. This question set off days of contemplation and ultimately a new understanding. I’d like to share with you what God revealed to me. First, the well…

I believed at the outset that characterizing God as a well was a more immature way of relating to Him when compared to the relational “wedded” alternative. Yet, if I am truthful, sometimes my own encounters with God are driven primarily by need. When life becomes overwhelming and there are many demands on my time, I can get distracted. I run forward to be and do what my circumstances require, with little time for rest, reflection or relationship building. The people God has placed in my life and the work I love to do for them and Him are all meaningful and rewarding. I can go on for a long time without realizing that I am becoming depleted. When I need Him to cover over my lack and just “show up”, He so often does. So it continues: I add more to my plate, more ministry and commitments. I allow gratitude from the beneficiaries of my love and service to assuage my thirst. But what I really need for my thirst to be satisfied can never come from these sources.

When I am called upon to write, teach or speak on spiritual matters, I am acutely aware I don’t have it in me to produce such work out of thin air. I need to hear from God before I can speak for God! So into His presence I rush, suddenly aware of how long it’s been since He last had my full attention. The regret of this awareness produces true repentance in me; I ask Him to forgive my neglectfulness, declare once again His preeminence in my life and reconnect with Him in a real and powerful way. These times are so sweet, and the outflow of them is always greater revelation and power for ministry.

God is so very gracious. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. In His possession are the means to provide for every one of our needs, whether physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual. As I come into His presence again, He is quick to offer what I desperately need at that moment. As Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, God loves to do good for us, because He is our well and because we are His precious children.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t come to God in my time of need if I have not been consistently working on building relationship with Him. God Himself makes no such quid pro quo. If we have become His children through the saving work of Jesus Christ (John 1:11-13), the benefit of His help is ours for the asking. He offers it not because we have earned it, but because Christ has earned it for us. More than that, the very reason God the Father sent His Son to redeem us was because He wanted the path to the well to be eternally open to us, with no conditions but that we believe. When we have need, He doesn’t say, “What have you done for Me lately?” He says, “Come unto Me…”

With His encouragement, assured of His love and His favorable reply,

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 (NKJV)

In God we have a well that never runs dry but constantly overflows with living water. He has every resource we will ever need at His disposal and yearns to do us good all the days of our lives. Won’t you come and ask, come and drink?

Next time… the wedding band!!



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