Good Work

By Sandy Scheffler


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10


Earlier this year, I had prayed about the decision to coach softball because of the time required and my own insecurities about having what it takes to be a good enough coach. I felt God smile as He responded “yes” to this commitment. I have smiled back at Him many times since, as I experience the mutual pleasure of doing this thing together. It’s a new thought for me that God and I can coach a softball team together!

Early one morning last week I was nestled into my favorite chair with my coffee and journal in hand. This practice of starting each day with God began many years ago as a discipline that I struggled with, yet now has become a cherished necessity. We had a lot to talk about that particular morning. (Honestly, I had a lot to talk about. God seems to be a much better listener than I am.) So you can imagine my frustration as ideas for softball drills kept interrupting my thoughts! One by one, I pushed these “intruders” away and forced my attention back to “spiritual” things.

Later that day I had a simple thought: Was that you, God? Did you want to talk to me about softball? I now believe that was Him showing me His nature as a good Father who wants to be involved in every aspect of the lives of His kids!

Most revelations in my life aren’t deeply profound. I tend to think I have learned a lot by this point in my walk with Jesus. However, God seems to enjoy showing me simple truths in ways I’ve never seen before, confronting the very mindsets I live by so I can experience more of His fullness in my life.

As vibrant life emerges from our long winter, I find myself blooming with a new perspective: I am God’s workmanship, created for GOOD WORK. Abiding in Him, I am empowered by His eternal nature -- excellence, creativity, joy, strength, wisdom -- so that His kingdom can come to earth through everything I put my hand to.

He doesn’t promise my work will be easy, but He does say it is GOOD. So the next time God brings up softball, or anything else that I may not consider worthy of His attention, I’m going to say “Yes, let’s talk about that!” Are there any areas of your life that you have a hard time including God in? Listen. I think I hear Him knocking!

God, thank You for Your perspective that is awesomely higher than our own! Break down walls in our thinking so that we can experience You in every area of our lives. Bless us, as Solomon says, to enjoy the fruit of our labor and see all the work You’ve given us to do and the ability to enjoy it as a good gift from our good Father. We love you Abba! Amen.