I AM Near

by Sarah Shaul

“Where are You?!”

I AM near. Near enough to know the anger, fear, confusion, and despair in your anguished cry. Near enough to see the hot, silent tears spilled in the dark hours. Near enough to hear your unspoken fears and constant worries.

I AM near. Near to your broken heart; near to your spirit that is crushed under this unbearable weight that you cannot and were never meant to carry alone. So near that you can lay your burden down and I will pick it up. So near that you can call to me and I will hear you. So near that you are already under the protection of my angels.

I AM near. As near as the story of my daughter Hagar, who I saw in the desert and sent my angel to bless her. As near as the account of my chosen people, who I rescued from bondage and led to a place of promise. As near as the poems of my son David, who cried out to me in despair and was delivered from his fear.

I AM near. I AM the loving message from a far-away friend. I AM the soothing cup of tea in a quiet moment. I AM the encouraging song on a long commute home. I AM the glorious watercolor sunset in a clear autumn sky.

I AM the One Who Sees, the One Who Heals, the One Who Provides. I AM near.