Inviting Someone To Church


Chances are we all know someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus and is in need of people to surround them with love. We would all want them to find a church home here at EagleNaz and our door is always open. 

But here's the kicker. 

You might be the only door they will use.

Most people that don't go to church don't want to go to church and usually have very good reasons for not wanting to go. To most people, church is a building and that building can represent a multitude of things. For some, the building represents judgment and guilt. For others, they see inconsistencies with what the church says and what it does. For others still, church is strictly a place where weddings and funerals take place. 

But here is what we know.

We are the Church! We are all the church beyond our walls. We are the living, breathing, walking, and talking representations of love and of God. And if that is the case, we aren't inviting them to a building, we are inviting them into community and into a growing relationship with Jesus and other people. 

Ultimately, our hope is that they would encounter Jesus. And maybe, just maybe, they would come on Easter and celebrate with us the fact that Jesus took on all of our sin, died for us, and then conquered death so we could live.

So, invite people to church. But if they decline, know that this is one step in a journey of drawing them to Jesus. A journey that usually begins by getting to know them – and inviting them to see a genuine expression of Jesus in us.

It's nice to go to a church that's friendly. It's better to go to church with a friend.